The next PDC course on our farm will be from the 10th till the 24th of June 2018.

Our course consists a lot of practical elements and more than 72 hours theory and is taught in English but can be translated in  Latvian. The course is held in cooperation with the Latvian Permaculture Association and the NGO Smiltenei un Latvijai. 

For more information about the coaches, see   "The Team" 

Participants have the unique opportunity to immerse in a working farm and homestead and see exactly what opportunities and challenges arise in developing and maintaining a productive and resilient home and land resource system.  This course includes the standard certificate curriculum but goes beyond the typical Designer's Certification Course. 

This course is an applied permaculture training with a major focus on practice  skills and designer-skill development.  This course, however, is geared towards those seeking an intensive, very hands on, less academic experience. We will actually be practising these techniques on the farm throughout the course. Please see the pictures of our 2017 PDC´s on this website.

All participants receive a PDC certification on completion. This course is certified by the 
Permaculture Association of Great Britain. After this course, you have the opportunity to continue your design work by doing the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design (Begin is 25th of June) also here at the farm.

Please refer to the "Timetable" for the whole content

We have limited the number of 20 participants for the course  in order to be able to accommodate each individual person’s questions

Costs for the 2 weeks course:

Standard Rate   500€  ( 400€ Early bird till 31.1.2018)   
per participant from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Palestine

Participants from the Rest of the World

Standard Rate  750€ ( 650€ Early bird till 31.1.2018)
per participant from every other country of the world.

             The costs include:
- The 72 hour PDC with final certification
- Accommodation in our farmyard hay hotel 
- Full catering (vegetarian ) 3 times per day

The course can also be paid in installments. The amount of the installments is calculated according to the date of your registration and can be arranged individually. Please send an email directly to     Thomaskrueger333(at)

A guaranteed reservation for one of the 20 seats will only be accepted if an amount of at least 100 Euros has been entered into our bank account. This will be refunded only in the case of a cancellation of at least 3 months before the course. 

       IMPORTANT !
For each bank transfer please specify  "PDC Smiltene" and your email address, so we can contact you. 

Our bank account: 
NGO Smiltenei un Latvijai
IBAN: LV39UNLA0050024690335

A Facebook group has been set up for all participants to get to know each other, exchange information, or distribute new information among the participants.

our first hobbit house

 Please see the Feedback we´ve got from participants at our first PDC´s in 2017 here on this page in the right column .             

And after the PDC certification is before the Diploma in applied Permaculture design.   
Right after this Permaculture Design Course we start with the Diploma Course. 25. - 29.06.2018
More Info´s about the Diploma you will find here : 

Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design Latvia


Life changing fully certified PDC with a lot of practical work

Our PDC will be different form the other you can find in the Internet.
For sure we offer the fully certified 72 h.  We use the Permaculture Association core curriculum and make sure all aspects are covered. 
But we offer even more.
Want to learn how to design, install and manage farm scale permaculture systems?
Come and learn with internationally regarded experts and teachers in permaculture and regenerative agricultural design. The course is held in cooperation with the Latvian Permaculture Association. We are standing for a training that has been carefully crafted for those wanting to start farming themselves.
There will be a mixture of theory and hands on learning, indoor and a lot of outdoor sessions. 
We are not only focussing on Gardening and natural building, but as you can see in the pictures on our website we have already one Hobbit house and within the PDC we will work on the second or / and on the Walipini as we did in the PDC 2017
So if you want to gain how to make it all work for yourself, you've come to the right place.

An international certified PDC in Latvia, trained by Swiss teachers with more than 15 years permaculture experience. This we call networking.